Charles Colson , Greg Boyd and Shane Claiborne —
Evangelical Politics: Three Generations

A passionate discussion is unfolding in public and in private among Evangelical leaders and communities. Should Christians be involved in politics and if so, how? What has gone wrong, and what has been learned from the Moral Majority up until now. In this live public conversation, Krista probes these ideas with three formative Evangelicals.

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is the founder of Prison Fellowship and author of God & Government.

was the founder and senior pastor of Woodland Hills Church, a megachurch in Minnesota, and author of The Myth of a Christian Nation.

is founder of The Simple Way and co-author of Jesus for President.

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Video - Three Degrees of Separation

Khakis, blue jeans, and dungarees graced the stage at this public event in San Diego. The generational differences seemed obvious. But this lively conversation revealed a shared theology that guides these three men — as they interpret and live out their values in varying ways.

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Chuck Colson and Greg Boyd listen to Shane Claiborne while speaking at the National Pastors Convention in San Diego in 2008.

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