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» "An Intellectual and Spiritual Faith" (RealAudio, 9:38)
Jamie Smith describes his discovery of the intellectual rigor of the Christian Reformed tradition, and how he has found this to be holistic, especially as practiced together with Pentecostal spirituality. Christian Reformed theology provides deep resources for "thinking about the hard things," he says, and this draws many Evangelicals. In Charismatic tradition, he values a "radical openness" to mystery and surprise.

» "Radical Orthodoxy" (RealAudio, 3:18)
Jamie Smith describes "radical orthodoxy" in more detail, including how this sensibility is helping him think about the core question of his identity in the contemporary situation. Specifically: what does it mean to be an Evangelical after 9/11 in the United States in the second Bush Administration?

» "The Fundamentalism of the Left" (RealAudio, 5:50)
Jamie Smith's observations on "fundamentalist Leftists" as well as an evolving "progressive Third Way" within the Evangelical and larger Christian world.

» "The Post-Secular World" (RealAudio, 6:23)
Smith defines the post-modern observation that the idea of a neutral public sphere, governed by reason alone, is no longer tenable. The public sphere now is pluralist, governed by a broad range of commitments and agendas both religious and secular.

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is an associate professor and Director of the Seminars in Christian Scholarship Program at Calvin College.

is a historian of science and professor of Christian philosophy at Fuller Seminary. She's the author of Theology in the Age of Scientific Reasoning and Whatever Happened to the Soul.