The Hand of Darwin: Abstract of Macculloch, Page 54

The Hand of Darwin: Abstract of Macculloch, Page 54

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Abstract of Macculloch, Page 54

(Reprinted with permission of Syndics of Cambridge University Library, DAR 71:54)

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p.292. Mac. has long rigmarole about plants being created to arrest mud &c at deltas.— Now my theory makes all organic beings perfectly adapted to all situations, where in accordance to certain laws they can live.— Hence the mistake they are created for them. If we once venture to say plants created to arrest prevent the valuable soil in its seaward course,— we sink into such contemptible queries, as why should the earth have drifted; why should plants require earth, why not created to live on alpine pinnacle? if we once to presume that God created plants to arrests earth, (like a Dutchman plants them to stop the moving sand) we do lower the creator to the standard of one of his weak creations.— All such facts are merely relations of one general law. the plants were no more created to arrest the earth, than the earth revolves to form rain to wash down earth, from the mountains upheaved by volcanic force, for these Marsh plants. All flow from some grand & simple laws.—

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