The Hand of Darwin: Metaphysical Notebook M, Pages 136-137

The Hand of Darwin: Metaphysical Notebook M, Pages 136-137

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Metaphysical Notebook M, Pages 136-137

(Reprinted with permission of Syndics of Cambridge University Library, DAR 125:136-137)

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argue, make the same mistake, more apparent however to us, as does that philosopher who says the innate knowledge of creator is has been implanted in us (by individually or in race?) by a separate act of God, & not as necessary integrant part of his most magnificent laws. of which we profane degnen in thinking not capable to do produce every effect, of every kind which surrounds us. Moreover it would be difficult to prove that this innate idea of God in civilized nations has not been improved by culture was who feel the most implicit faith that through the goodness of God knowledge has been communicat to us.— & that it does exist in different degrees in races.— whether in Ancient Greeks,

with their mystical but sublime views, or the wretched fears & strange superstitions of an Australian savage or one of Tierra del Fuego.—


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