The Hand of Darwin: Transmutation Notebook B, Pages 214-215

The Hand of Darwin: Transmutation Notebook B, Pages 214-215

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Transmutation Notebook B, Pages 214-215

A greyscale image of Notebook B.

The original notebook has been lost and isn't available for photoduplication.

(Reprinted with permission of Syndics of Cambridge University Library, DAR 121:214)

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[…]The difference intellect of Man & animals not so great as between living thing without thought (plants) & living thing with thoughts (animal).
∴ my theory very distinct from Lamarcks Without
two species will generate common kind, which is not probable; then monkeys will never produce man. but

both monkeys & man may produce other species., man already has produced marked varieties & may someday produce something else., but not probable owing to mixture of races.— When all mixed & physical changes (intellectual being acquired alters case) other species or angels. produced &

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