The Hand of Darwin: Transmutation Notebook D, Pages 36-37

The Hand of Darwin: Transmutation Notebook D, Pages 36-37

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Transmutation Notebook D, Pages 36-37

(Reprinted with permission of Syndics of Cambridge University Library, DAR 123:36-37)

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[Not shown] 16th Aug.— What a magnificent view one can take of the world Astronomical & unknown causes, modified by unknown ones. cause changes in geography & changes of climate superadded to change of climate from physical causes.— these superinduce changes of form in the organic world, as adaptation. & these changing affect each other, & their bodies, by certain laws of harmony keep perfect in these themselves.— instincts alter, reason is formed, & the world peopled with Myriads of distinct forms from a period short of eternity to the present time, to the future— How far grander than idea from cramped

imagination of God created. (warring against those very laws he established in all nature organic nature) the Rhinoceros of Java & Sumatra, that since the time of the Silurian, he has made a long succession of vile Molluscous animals— How beneath the dignity of him, who is supposed to have said let there be light & there was light.— bad taste {whom it has been declared "he said let there be light & there was light."—

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has co-authored several books about Charles Darwin, including Darwin: The Life of a Tormented Evolutionist. He's been researching and teaching Darwin for more than 30 years in Cambridge, England.