The Hand of Darwin: Transmutation Notebook D, Excised Page 134

The Hand of Darwin: Transmutation Notebook D, Excised Page 134

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Transmutation Notebook D, Excised Page 134

(Reprinted with permission of Syndics of Cambridge University Library, DAR 208:134e)

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[…] 28th. I do not doubt, every one till he thinks deeply has assumed that increase of animals exactly proportiona[l] to the number that can live.— We ought to be far from wondering of changes in number of species, from small changes in nature of locality. Even the energetic language of Malthus Decandoelle does not convey the warring of the species as inference from Malthus.— increase of brutes, must be prevented soley by positive checks, excepting that famine may stop desire.— in Nature production does not increase, whilst no checks prevail, but the positive check of famine & consequently death.

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