Recommended Reading

Image of The Evolution of God
Author: Robert Wright
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company (2009)
Binding: Hardcover, 576 pages
Image of Three Scientists and Their Gods: A Search for Meaning in an Age of Information
Author: Robert Wright
Publisher: Times Books (1988)
Binding: Hardcover, 324 pages

Music Played

Image of Breaking the Ethers
Artist: Tuatara
Label: Sony
Image of Caesura
Artist: Helios
Label: Type
Image of Masada Guitars
Artist: John Zorn
Label: Tzadik
Image of Broken Silence
Artist: Dean Magraw
Label: Red House
Image of Distance
Artist: Marconi Union
Label: All Saints
Image of Labyrinth
Artist: Los Angeles Guitar Quartet
Label: Delos

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is a journalist and scholar whose books include The Moral Animal and The Evolution of God.