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» "Universalities" (mp3, 3:12)
V. V. Raman speaks about universalities, particularly the universality of science.

» "Time" (mp3, 2:50)
Raman explains his understanding of time as a physicist and as a Hindu scholar.

» "Numbers" (mp3, 2:58)
Raman discusses the meaning of numbers, and how they play an important role in religion.

» "Multiple Paths" (mp3, 5:14)
Raman discusses different religions as multiple paths.

» "Separation of Church and State" (mp3, 3:01)
Raman discusses India, and if there is a comparison with the U.S. ideal of the separation of church and state.

» "Shanti Mantra" (mp3, 0:43)
Raman recites a Shanti mantra, a kind of prayer for peace, which school children in India recite at the start of each day.

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is emeritus professor of Physics and Humanities at the Rochester Institute of Technology. He's written many books including Variety in Religion and Science: Daily Reflections.