Joel Marcus —
The Jewish Roots of the Christian Story

New Testament writings about Jews may sound inflammatory in modern ears. A New Testament scholar with ties to both Judaism and Christianity helps us put these writings in context and look for meaning in the Passion that Hollywood and popular culture can't convey.

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is an author and Professor of New Testament and Christian Origins at Duke Divinity School.

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Responses to the Phrase "Jewish Christian" Speaking of Faith has received a number of e-mails in response to Joel Marcus referring to himself as a "Jewish Christian." Many of them not only posited this as an impossibility, but believed this crossed a line and was offensive. We regret that.

Selected Readings

Psalm 22: 1-21

Psalm 22: 1-21

The following biblical passage was taken from the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible (Psalm 22:1-31) that was read during the program.

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"White Crucifixion"

(Marc Chagall, Reproduction: The Art Institute of Chicago)

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