February 09, 2012

Recommended Columns by Nicholas Kristoff

Liberals and Evangelicals

» "Hug an Evangelical"
Liberals who demand tolerance need to be tolerant of conservative Christians.

Evangelicals in International Development

» "Learning the Sin of Sodom"

» "Following God Abroad"
Kristof on the importance over the last decade of Evangelicals in international development.


» Isaiah Berlin
A video in which Kristof talks about his favorite philosopher, Isaiah Berlin

White Westerners Abroad

» "Unfit for Democracy?"
Don't tell people dying for freedom in the Arab world that they're not ready for it.

» Coverage of Africa
A video where Kristof addresses a listener criticism that he portrays black Africans as victims and white foreigners as their 'saviors.'

» "Westerners on White Horses"
A follow-up post to the issues raised about white westerners reporting from Sudan, Congo and Zimbabwe

Oppression of Women

» "Religion and Women"

» The Elephant and the Blind Men
Kristof on how The Elders are focusing on the role of religion in oppressing women

Mass Suffering

» "Save the Darfur Puppy"
If we are moved to compassion by a suffering puppy or child, how are we impervious to mass suffering?

Sweat Shops

» "Let Them Sweat"
» "Two Cheers for Sweat Shops"

Sex Trafficking

» "The Face of Modern Slavery"
When 6-year-olds are sold to be tortured and raped, it's time for a 21st-century abolitionist movement to end human trafficking.

» "Girls for Sale"
» "Bargaining for Freedom"
» "Going Home with Hope"
» "Loss of Innocence"

Follow-up columns on the young women mentioned above:

» Follow-up One
» Follow-up Two
» Follow-up Three

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is a columnist for The New York Times and a two-time Pulitzer Prize winner. He is also the co-author of the best-selling book, Half the Sky.