Joan Brown Campbell and Thomas Hoyt, Jr. — Living Reconciliation: Two Ecumenical Pioneers
November 3, 2005

Two people with unique perspectives both discovered ecumenism — the movement to reconcile Christian churches — during the Civil Rights era. They'll describe what they've learned about grappling with vexing clashes of difference, and why reconciliation among different Christians still matters in a multi-religious, post-Katrina world.

(Photo: Susan Tusa-Pool/Getty Images)


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Listen to these unheard clips from Krista's interviews with Joan Brown Campbell and Thomas Hoyt:

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A young boy in Detroit watches visitors file past the casket of Rosa Parks. Memorial services for the civil rights icon were held at the Metropolitan African Methodist Episcopal Church.

(Photo: Susan Tusa-Pool/Getty Images)

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How can I help with eradicating poverty, dealing with class issues, eradicating sexism, understanding breaking down denominationalism, and working with Islam/Christian dialog?

It's not too lofty a goal.

Voices on the Radio

Joan Brown Campbell

is director of the department of religion for the Chautauqua Institution and former general secretary of the National Council of Churches.

Thomas Hoyt, Jr.

is a bishop of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church and president of the National Council of Churches.

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