Digging Deeper Into the Long Shadow of Torture

Want to dig deeper? Find out more? For each program, producers gather a lot of background material for Krista and staff to use in preparing for interviews and producing programs. Here's a sample of the information we came across in preparing for this program.

Profiles of Darius Rejali

  • Interview on WFIU's Profiles about Rejali's background, work, writing and more. (audio, 53 min; December 2008)
  • Reflections on his family, his grandfather, and the Iranian generation that lived through the Iran-Iraq war. (Reed College Magazine, Winter 2007)
  • Broad-ranging interview that covers his family background and moves into some of his major points. George Mason University's History News Network. (July 2008)
  • Good overall profile piece about Darius Rejali published in the Oregonian. (October 2003)

Writing by Rejali

Audio/video of Rejali

Torture in American Culture

Official Documents, Memos, Orders, and Reports

Torture Memos (latest memos)

Torture memos (previous memos and abuses)

Obama interrogation policy and views on torture

Obama interrogation policy and views on torture

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is a professor of political science at Reed College in Portland, Oregon and author of Torture and Democracy.