Reinhold Niebuhr Timeline: Publishes Beyond Tragedy

Reinhold Niebuhr Timeline: Publishes Beyond Tragedy

Correspondence with Bishop Will Scarlett

Union Theological Seminary
Broadway at 120th Street
New York

Sept. 17, 1937

Dear Will:
I hope you won't laugh or be amused or be angry if I tell you that I am dedicating my new book "Beyond Tragedy" to you and Sherwood Eddy. I know you are strange bedfellows, and yet in a sense not so strange. I wouldn't tell you anything about this except for the fact that I am puzzled about whether I should say simply William Scarlett, or Bishop William Scarlett. If you can give me your advice on this matter I would greatly appreciate it.

We are once more back at the old grind after a very lovely summer. Ursula and I greatly appreciated your letters and we hope we will have a chance to see you soon.


Reinhold Niebuhr Papers: Library of Congress, Manuscript Reading Room

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