Reinhold Niebuhr Timeline: Publishes The Self and the Dramas of History

Reinhold Niebuhr Timeline: Publishes The Self and the Dramas of History

Correspondence from T.S. Eliot

24 Russell Square London WC1

27th September, 1954

Professor Reinhold Niebuhr
Union Theological Seminary,
Broadway at 120th Street,
New York 27, N.Y.,
U. S. A.

Dear Dr. Niebuhr,

Your letter of September 14th is very good news, and I shall inform my Board that we can look forward to publishing your book in 1955. I think that the most satisfactory procedure would be for you to let us have a set of proofs (either galley proofs or page proofs) on which you will have made your corrections. After that we will, of course, send you proofs of our own setting if you wish, but unless you have further changes to make in the English text, I think that the proof readers can be trusted to follow your corrected text accurately.

I note your provisional title. As a title it strikes me as a little cumbrous, but I don't feel qualified to make any criticism before having read the text. It may be the right and inevitable title for the book.

With most cordial good wishes to Mrs. Niebuhr and yourself, and especially for your health and actively during the coming winter.

Yours very sincerely,
T.S. Eliot

I wonder what you think of Evanston.

Reinhold Niebuhr Papers: Library of Congress, Manuscript Reading Room

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