November 27, 2003
Roberta Bondi, Gregory Plotnikoff, Michele Balamani, Et Al. —
Patterns of Prayer

In recent years, the practices of prayer have been evolving for many religious traditions. Even western medicine is looking at prayer as it expands its concept of healing. In this program, we consult several people from a variety of practices about the role of prayer in their lives.

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Roberta Bondi

is professor of church history at Emory University, Atlanta, on the ancient practices of prayer in everyday life

Gregory Plotnikoff

is medical director at the University of Minnesota's Center for Spirituality and Healing, on the promises and limitations of the use of intercessory prayer in medicine

Michele Balamani

is executive director of the Baraka Pastoral Counseling Center in Maryland, on how and why prayer improves the outcomes of mental health care, especially in African-American communities

Anoushka Shankar

a sitarist, on Hindu chant and prayer to many Gods

Stephen Mitchell

author and acclaimed translator of sacred texts, on "non-religious" prayer

Michael Dennis Browne

a poet, on his Centering Prayer, a Christian contemplative practice akin to meditation

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