August 19, 2004

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Yossi Klein Halevi Image of Yossi Klein HaleviListen (RealAudio, 21:32) Halevi gives profoundly original insight into the religious dimension of life, and war, in the Holy Land.
Richard Mouw Image of Richard MouwListen (RealAudio, 7:01) Mouw shares thought-provoking evangelical reflections on the Falwell-Robertson comments after September 11th—also, on how fundamentalism and evangelicalism diverge.
Khaled Abou El Fadl Image of Khaled Abou El FadlListen (RealAudio, 2:44) Abou El Fadl provides compelling insight into the current development of Islam, and how non-Muslim Americans might respond and constructively engage others.

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is professor of Law at UCLA, and author of Tolerant Islam.

Mouw is the president of Fuller Theological Seminary and a columnist for

Halevi writes for The Jerusalem Report, The New Republic, and the Los Angeles Times, and has authored two books.