Joseph L. Price —
In Praise of Play

If sport is an American religion, is that bad for us? What is the metaphysic of baseball? In this show, we'll speak with a theologian and sports fan who has spent much of his career studying the religious character of rituals in sporting events and the spiritual significance of fans' attention to sports.

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is C. Milo Connick Professor of Religious Studies at Whittier College in California. His books include From Season to Season: Sports as American Religion.

Selected Readings

More Than a Game

Read Joe Price's thoughts on the Super Bowl phenomenon and how it serves as a point of pilgrimage and spiritual experience.

The Moral Value of Sports: Lessons for the Church

In this essay, theologian Don Richter notes that the practice nature of sports can be just as fruitful in teaching moral values as attending church services.

Selected Audio

Interview with Joan Chandler

Listen to the author of Sport Is Not a Religion discuss the virtues of amateur sports and the role of religion in the contemporary arena.

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In Praise of Play.

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