Jimmy Carter —
The Private Faith of Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter -- former president and Nobel Laureate, author and global humanitarian -- speaks of his born-again faith with a directness that is striking even in today's political culture. He reflects on being commander in chief while following, as he says, "the Prince of Peace"; on upholding the law while privately opposing abortion; and on his marriage of 60 years as a metaphor for the challenge of human relationship both personal and global.

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is a former U.S. President, a Nobel laureate, author, and co-founder of The Carter Center in Atlanta, Georgia

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Sunday Mornings in Plains

Jimmy Carter has taught adult Bible study at Maranatha Baptist Church for 25 years. With a congregation of just 135 members, the church hosts several hundred visitors during Carter's Sunday classes.

We've selected three clips from his audiobook, Leading a Worthy Life. Carter talks about his grandfather's life and death, the role of women in the church, and the necessity of love and equality.

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Appealing to the Religious Voter

Personal faith has been used as a campaign issue during the more recent presidential races. So, when we saw this television commercial for Jimmy Carter's 1980 reelection bid, we were caught off-guard by the direct appeal to religious voters. Watch it and tell us what you think.

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Former President Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalynn attach siding to the front of a home being built in LaGrange, Georgia. The home is part of a 90-home volunteer project for Habitat for Humanity International's Jimmy Carter Work Project.

Photo by Erik S. Lesser/Getty Images

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