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Joseph LoweryJoseph Lowery Dr. Joseph E. Lowery is a civil rights pioneer and Chairman of the Black Leadership Forum. In this audio clip, Lowry discusses the sanctity of life, the theology of the South, and the political demagoguery currently taking place in the U.S.
Debbie MorrisDebbie Morris Listen to the complete conversation Krista had with Debbie Morris. She details the horrors of her experience, her thoughts on the justness of the perpetrator being executed, and the developing approach to capital punishment.
Debbie MorrisSarah Griffith Paul Kreutzer was executed in Missouri on April 10, 2002 by lethal injection for a brutal murder he committed ten years earlier. In this compelling and reflective interview, his cousin, Rev. Sarah Griffith, recounts her memories of Paul as a child, reconnecting with him on death row, and her experience of his execution. As an ordained minister, she describes how she processed the complicated questions surrounding the death penalty and how this difficult experience shaped the theology she takes into her ministry.
Griffith is a graduate of Princeton Theological Seminary and Minister for Outreach at Plymouth Congregational Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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Debbie Morris

is author of Forgiving the Dead Man Walking.

is a lecturer, community activist, and author of Dead Man Walking.

is author, teacher of Jewish Law at the University of Judaism, and rabbi of Congregation B'nai Israel.