May 4, 2006
Dan Hanson and Sue Hanson —
Room for J: One Family's Struggle with Schizophrenia

Joel Hanson has schizophrenia and believes he is God. His parents reflect on living with their son and how they have learned to see mental illness, normalcy, and religion differently. Is there room in our culture to consider a schizophrenic personality as another form of human difference and diversity?

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Dan Hanson

is the father of a son with schizophrenia. He has written about their experience in Room for J.

Sue Hanson

is the mother of a son with schizophrenia.

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Quotes Included in Room for J

Most chapters in Room for J are headed with a quote from wise voices, including Margaret Mead, William James, and Lewis Carroll.

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What a beautiful interview. My sister is schizophrenic, so I definitely relate with the views of Dan and Sue. There was a bit that made me swell up with tears. When Sue Hanson said she does see god in Joel, I cried because although my sister does not think she is god, I see how god is present in her too. Thank you so much for sharing Hansons, you just affected me in a very positive profound way.