George F. R. Ellis —
Science and Hope

Our guest straddles the worlds of cosmology and social activism. During a live audience interview in Philadelphia, he tells us how he unites his convictions about faith, ethics, and cosmology.

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George F. R. Ellis

is Professor of Applied Mathematics at the University of Cape Town, recipient of the Templeton Prize, and the author of many books, including On the Moral Nature of the Universe: Cosmology, Theology, and Ethics.

Selected Readings

Letter from a Scottish Soldier to George Ellis

This letter from a Scottish soldier was sent to Dr. Ellis after he received the Templeton Prize in 2004. Ellis read this during the live event at WHYY in Philadelphia to illustrate his concept of kenosis in action in a strange situation.

Statement by George F. R. Ellis

Read George Ellis' statement at the Templeton Prize News Conference announcing him as the recipient. See what he means when he uses the phrase "confounding the calculus of rationality" and his plans for the cash prize.

Selected Audio

Unheard Cuts with George Ellis

Where to cut? Where to edit? We couldn't include all of Krista's public conversation with George Ellis into an hour of radio, so we're providing additional mp3s if you want to hear more. Ellis discusses at length how the kenotic ethic functions in our world and in the midst of suffering.

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Outside the Apartheid Museum in Johannesburg, South Africa, stands a series of human images pasted on mirrors along a walking path called The Ramp. The woman shown above is Sessie Letanka, a South African farm laborer, just one of the images chosen to reflect South African history.

Photo by Yoav Lemmer/AFP/Getty Images

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