Unheard Cuts with George Ellis

Where to cut? Where to edit? We couldn't include all of Krista's public conversation with George Ellis into an hour of radio, so we're providing additional mp3s if you want to hear more. Ellis discusses at length how the kenotic ethic functions in our world and in the midst of suffering.

» "Experiencing Kenosis" (mp3, 4:09)
» "A Governing Ethic for the Have-Countries" (mp3, 1:26)
» "Science and Quakerism" (mp3, 1:41)
» "Transcending the Incomprehensible" (mp3, 2:00)
» "The Struggle Continues" (mp3, 1:57)
» "The Limits of Science" (mp3, 3:39)

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George F. R. Ellis

is Professor of Applied Mathematics at the University of Cape Town, recipient of the Templeton Prize, and the author of many books, including On the Moral Nature of the Universe: Cosmology, Theology, and Ethics.