Behind the Scenes Footage

» "Hilfiker's Transition to D.C." (RealAduio, 8:00)
Listen to David Hilfiker describe why he and his wife Marja decided to change their lives, how Christ House works, and what he had to face in himself there, including the impulse our society cultivates to "improve" the poor.

» "A Turning Point" (RealAudio, 3:56)
In this segment, Dr. Hilfiker tells one story from his medical practice in Washington, a turning point in his desire to unearth the history that led to urban poverty that perpetuates itself across generations.

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David Hilfiker

is a physician and cofounder of Joseph's House. He's the author of Not All of Us Are Saints: A Doctor's Journey with the Poor and Urban Injustice: How Ghettos Happen.