September 5, 2002
Parker Palmer, Phyllis Tickle and Ingrid Mattson —
The Spiritual Fallout of 9/11

In this program, we delve into uncomfortable religious and moral questions that the September 2001 terrorist attacks raised—questions of meaning that Americans have only begun to ponder one year later.

This hour also features the riveting first-person account of veteran public radio producer Marge Ostroushko, who captures elements of the religious life that grew up at and around Ground Zero and was largely hidden from news reporting. Her coverage, which you won't hear anywhere else, includes the ash-swirled final service, and an interview with the priest who coordinated the 24-hour team of clergy who blessed every human remain found there since 9/11.

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Parker Palmer

is a Quaker thinker, author, and educator.

Phyllis Tickle

is an author and Publisher's Weekly religion editor.

Ingrid Mattson

is a muslim theologian and the first female vice president of the Islamic Society of North America.

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Listen to Peter Ostroushko's original composition "Meditation from the Thin Space at St. Paul's Chapel" and Parker Palmer as he explains how 9/11 challenged his instincts toward nonviolence.

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