Recommended Reading

Image of Care of the Soul : A Guide for Cultivating Depth and Sacredness in Everyday Life
Author: Thomas Moore
Publisher: HarperPerennial (1994)
Binding: Paperback, 336 pages
Image of The Soul of Sex: Cultivating Life as an Act of Love
Author: Thomas Moore
Publisher: Harper Perennial (1999)
Binding: Paperback, 336 pages
Image of The Illuminating Icon
Author: Mr. Anthony Ugolnik
Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company (1989)
Binding: Paperback, 304 pages
Image of From Diapers to Dating: A Parent's Guide to Raising Sexually Healthy Children
Author: Debra W. Haffner
Publisher: Newmarket Press (2000)
Binding: Paperback, 227 pages

Music Played

Image of The Feast of St. Peter the Apostle at Westminster Abbey
Artist: Choir of Westminster Abbey, Robert Quinney
Image of Tavener: Ikon of Eros
Artist: John Tavener, Paul Goodwin, Minnesota Orchestra, Tim Krol, Patricia Rozario, Jorja Fleezanis, Minnesota Chorale
Label: Reference Recordings
No Image Available
Artist: Rick Sowash, The Mirecourt Trio, Kenneth Goldsmith, Terry King, John Jensen
Label: gasparo records
Image of Day at the Beach
Artist: Sonia Dada
Label: Capricorn / Umgd
Image of Song Of Songs
Artist: Tapestry
Label: Telarc

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Thomas Moore

is a former Catholic monk and author of The Care of the Soul and The Soul of Sex.

Debra Haffner

is a renowned sexual educator, Unitarian Universalist minister, and director of the Religious Institute on Sexual Morality, Justice, and Healing.

Anthony Ugolnik

is an Orthodox priest and author of a controversial new manuscript Living in Skin.