Eleven Tales of Parenting

We asked for your stories and the spiritual questions that parenting — or grandparenting — raises. Below are the voices of some of them. You can read more stories here or tell us your own experience.

Tamarack Song
World Native
Three Lakes, Wisconsin

Tamarack Song and family

» listen (mp3, 01:04)

Autumn Skeen
Tokyo, Japan

Autumn Skeen and Anton

» listen (mp3, 2:18)

Rebecca Neiger
Columbus, OH

Rebecca Neiger

» listen (mp3, 0:35)

Leslie Ortega
St. Paul, Minnesota

Leslie Ortega and family

» listen (mp3, 1:46)

Stacia Goodman
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Stacia Goodman and family

» listen (mp3, 1:20)

Natasha DeVoe
Minneapolis, Minnesota

» listen (mp3, 1:01)

Neil Malley
Anaheim, California

Neil Malley and family

» listen (mp3, 0:52)

Lynn Harden
New York, New York

Lynn Harden

» listen (mp3, 1:51)

Sara McGinley
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Sara McGinley and family

» listen (mp3, 0:57)

Barb McRae
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Barb McRae and family

» listen (mp3, 2:53)

Eileen Flanagan
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Eileen Flanagan

» listen (mp3, 1:38)

Christy Davis
Knoxville, Tennessee

» listen (mp3, 0:41)

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