Interview with David Dollahite

>The Dollahite family near the Provo River in Utah.
The Dollahite family near the Provo River in Utah.

These Web-exclusive interviews feature Krista's conversation with David Dollahite, an associate professor at Brigham Young University's School of Family Life. Here, he speaks about his personal faith and family, his research on the role faith plays in family's lives, and raising a child with special needs.
» Conversion to the Mormon Faith (mp3, 3:46) Dollahite is a convert to the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints — often referred to as LDS — also known as the Mormon Church. He describes his upbringing, his conversion over 20 years ago, and his motivation for doing family research. » The Influence of Faith on Families (mp3, 2:54) For the past ten years, Dollahite has been researching the influence of faith on families. Krista asks him about his research on the most difficult stage of the parent-child relationship — adolescence — and how he works with his seven children. » Putting Research into Action (mp3, 4:29) Being a researcher on families doesn't necessarily make one a good father, but it does put one in touch with research material and it does inspire new ideas. Dollahite describes his routine and the methods he uses in his own home. » The Family in the LDS Church (mp3, 2:32) Dollahite grew up in the Episcopal Church and converted to the Mormon faith while in college. He describes the importance of the family to Mormon beliefs on earth and in the afterlife. » The Spirituality of Special Needs Children (mp3, 4:35) Associate Professor David Dollahite of Brigham Young University's School of Family Life has been researching the influence of faith on families for the past ten years. He's done research on "special needs" parents. And he's started doing this research before the arrival of his fifth child, who's legally blind. He tells Krista what he's learned from other "special needs" fathers.

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