September 4, 2008
Esther Sternberg —
Stress and the Balance Within

The American experience of stress has spawned a multi-billion dollar self-help industry. Wary of this, Esther Sternberg says that, until recently, modern science did not have the tools or the inclination to take emotional stress seriously. She shares fascinating new scientific insight into the molecular level of the mind-body connection.



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is a rheumatologist, researcher, and author of The Balance Within.

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The Mind-Body Interaction in Disease

The brain and the immune system continuously signal each other, often along the same pathways, which may explain how state of mind influences health

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Need this information

I also believe stress has a part in how your body operates do hpw many people have high blood pressure.

Adrenaline has a huge impact on the functioning of organs. It's good that stress is being taken seriously.