February 02, 2012

Recommended Reading

Image of The House on Diamond Hill: A Cherokee Plantation Story
Author: Tiya Miles
Publisher: The University of North Carolina Press (2010)
Binding: Hardcover, 336 pages
Image of Ties That Bind: The Story of an Afro-Cherokee Family in Slavery and Freedom
Author: Tiya Miles
Publisher: University of California Press (2006)
Binding: Paperback, 327 pages

Music Played

Image of One Cello X 16: Natoma
Artist: Zoe Keating
Label: Imports
Image of Dislocation Blues
Artist: Chris Whitley/Jeff Lang
Label: Rounder
Image of L Eixample
Artist: Near the Parenthesis
Label: N5md
Image of Paris, Texas: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Artist: Ry Cooder, Ry Cooder
Label: Warner Bros.
Image of Distance
Artist: Marconi Union
Label: All Saints
Image of Similar Anniversaries
Artist: Small Sails
Label: Other Electricities
Image of Days to Come
Artist: Bonobo

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is Elsa Barkley Brown Collegiate Professor of African American Women's History and Chair of the Department of Afroamerican and African Studies at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. She is also a 2011 MacArthur Fellow and author of The Ties That Bind.