Rebecca Chopp, Kecia Ali, and Mary Stewart Van Leeuwen — Women, Marriage, and Religion
August 1, 2003

Over the last four decades, women's roles have changed dramatically — at home, in the work force and in religious institutions as well. In America, resistance to this is often couched in religious terms. Where there is a backlash against feminism and its repercussions, it is often embodied in religious practice. Host Krista Tippett speaks with three devoutly religious women who also call themselves feminist.

"Creation of Eve" by Bartolo di Fredi, 1356.


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This is a detail view of a fresco that adorns La Collegiata, a hotel that was once a Franciscan convent in the town of San Gimignano in Italy's Tuscany region. The fresco is a starkly literal interpretation of Genesis 2:21-23, where God creates Eve from one of Adam's ribs.

"Creation of Eve" by Bartolo di Fredi, 1356.

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Voices on the Radio

Rebecca Chopp

feminist theologian; president of Colgate University in Hamilton, Ny.

Kecia Ali

senior research analyst for the Islam section of the Feminist Sexual Ethics Project at Brandeis University in Waltham, Mass.

Mary Stewart Van Leeuwen

evangelical Christian feminist; professor of philosophy and psychology at Eastern University in St. David's, Pa.