One Voice: Feruze Faison

One Voice: Feruze Faison

Being Muslim and a lesbian has not been a challenge for me...

Feruze Faison
St. Albans, NY
United States

being muslim and a lesbian has not been a challenge for me as most people would have assumed. my faith in allah as all encompassing being keeps me strong, knowing that i am not a seperate entity but a wave in his creation gives me peace and joy. my family has disowned me for the sole reason that i am a lesbian and therefore a sinner. i forgive them for sinning by judging me and deciding where i belong in the afterlife, considering me as separate from the One. I pray for them even though they said they did't want my prayers and didn't believe my prayers will be answered. I pray that they can see the beauty in the creation and the perfection of it all.

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"The Muslim world" is a phrase that lumps together a complex and diverse group of people and cultures, but one that rarely humanizes the personal and cultural expressions of Muslim identity. On Being’s First Person initiative is an attempt to better understand adherents of the faith by asking each individual to share his or her perspective of what it means to be a Muslim living in the 21st century.