On Being in Israel and the West Bank

On Being in Israel and the West Bank

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Voices of Israel and the West Bank

Children of Both Identities
"I used to think about my dual identity as a Palestinian and Israeli as a burden. I think of it today more as an asset, as a power, as a skill that only we have."
Thin Places, Thick Realities
"You can pick and choose how much of your past, your own personal past, but your family or national past, you choose to carry. Here there is not that luxury."
Pleasure More Than Hope
"I think people would say that refugee is not just a language of victimhood. It's also a language of rights."
Pleasure More Than Hope
"…no journalists come into the refugee camp and say, 'I want to sit with a family and see what they cook.'"
The Evolution of Change
"What we're looking at is not a sales agreement. What we're looking at is something much more fundamental. We're looking at how human beings evolve."
Opening Up Windows
"This is a return to memory. Now how do we deal with this memory?
Narcissistically? Arrogantly? Triumphantly? Or we say, now that I have my memory, tell me about yours."
The Genesis of Desire
"The Bible is familiar, life is strange. We bring the two together, to shed light on life."

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A magazine by young Palestinian refugees sharing their stories and their perspectives.

About the Project

Between March 9-17, 2011 the On Being production team travelled to Israel and Palestine along with students from the University of Southern California's Annenberg School for Journalism. Our goal was to listen for realities and possibilities for this region that get hidden by headlines. Our interviews with both Israeli and Palestinian citizens and our attempts to flesh out the complexity of meaning within these categories resulted in a larger project for our show. This project consists of a collection of radio shows, audio, pictures, and blog entries from both our production staff and the USC students.