Part of our SoundSeen series: our staff deliberates on cutting a dated reference and its value for current perspective.

A preview of Krista's interview with the famed child psychiatrist.

OK. I’ll admit it. I’m a lurker in the Jewish blogging community — my favorite being Rachel Barenblat’s smart and always provocative Velveteen Rabbi. In a recent post, she wrote about a friend, Seth Brown, who has translated the Torah into rhyming verse and is releasing one chapter a week on his blog From God to Verse.

As part of her trip to Los Angeles to participate in the 2008 Women’s Conference and lead a conversation of L.A.

Picking actualities and music elements is no small task, and we take it seriously. Here's our approach.


Four years after their ISDN interview, Krista and Dr. Oz are able to shake hands.