What were your favorite blog posts of 2012? As we bid the year a fond farewell, a list of our readers' favorites. Drum roll, please!

Our blog is an outlet. We tell you about things that are happening and things we find interesting. It’s a refuge that allows the fuller complexion of the program to reveal itself. It also permits us to bring new voices to you; we just get out of the way. Here are the ten most popular posts from this year.

While editing the site for this week’s retrospective show, I compiled a short list of the top 10 posts read on this blog, SOF Observed. It’s always interesting to see what readers really click through and what they share:

No one has ever accused me of being fashion-forward. Neither will I ever willingly join a conversation on the relative merits of mascara brands.

A stirring set of questions from the Sephardic seder tradition creates a new space for a father's reflection on Passover.