Dan Barber

Dan Barber

BY December 15, 2010

Will Allen
Will Allen, CEO and founder of Growing Power. (photo: Growing Power/Flickr)

A movement starting with elites. Conflating the lower Hudson Valley and New England. Vegetarians have “blood on their hands.” Our show with chef Dan Barber clearly touched some nerves judging from listeners’ passionate responses, especially about Barber’s unapologetic answer to an audience question about the local food movement’s elitist underpinnings:

BY December 14, 2010

After hearing chef Dan Barber describe his dishes as “unconstructed,” we wanted to experience the beauty that he and so many other people describe. Unfortunately, we’re based in Minnesota and we’re a public radio gig, which means we don’t quite have the funds to fly to the Pocantico Hills for a gourmet meal. Fortunately, we found a set of wonderful photos documenting the ulterior epicure’s nine-course meal in the early autumn of 2007, along with his review. His set up and conclusion are reason enough for reading why Dan Barber matters in this food-to-table movement. Bon appetit!