"The soul is contained in the voice."

StoryCorps founder David Isay and Krista Tippett have an intimate conversation about their shared love of listening — and the importance of creating spaces to tell our stories to each other. For him, the spaces where two people ask the questions they’ve always wanted to ask of each other are sacred. Listening, he’s learned, is an act of love. Eliciting and capturing our stories is a way of insisting that every life matters.

When I was a little girl I took piano lessons. After years of playing “At the Skating Rink” I resolved that I would never be a great piano player. Watching Milos Forman's Amadeus with my dad only further reinforced this idea. So I quit. I didn’t even give it a second thought. I didn’t consider what I could gain from playing an instrument, the dedication and discipline it would instill — two qualities I struggle with as an adult.

I quit because I was afraid of failing. I was scared of not being good enough.

A Q+A with Phie Ambo on meditation, contemplative neuroscience, and what she learned while making the documentary Free the Mind on neuroscientist Richard Davidson.

A smart film about the NYT photographer and seeing beauty in our everyday encounters.

Got a little choked up watching this trailer for Tom Shadyac's new film, I Am.