A listener's story about a heinous crime reminds one of Desmond Tutu speaking about forgiveness during the South African truth and reconciliation process.

Getting Revenge and Forgiveness with Michael McCulloughWe originally produced “Getting Revenge and Forgiveness” in the bitter midst of the 2008 election season.

As the glitz of the Emmys starts to fade, and the cast of 30 Rock laugh and smile all the way back to New York with their third consecutive Best Comedy Series award, I am reminded of our pal Oscar Wilde. The writers for 30 Rock and the late playwright are all masters of wise-cracking, snappy writing and to us impart their brand of wisdom (usually backhanded).


The story of a woman whose son was murdered, and her struggle to end the cycle of violence in north Minneapolis.

Sometimes forgiveness comes easiest to the youngest of us.

Marie Howe uses poetry to explore disagreement + the distance between people.

Our intern draws upon music suggestions as she reflects on global reaction to U.S. politics.