“The Ancient of Days has become an infant.”

—John Chrysostom, 4th century

On Christmas Eve, we read Luke’s dramatic account of the birth of Jesus (2:1-20). On Christmas Day, we read the prologue from John’s gospel (1:1-14).

Amy Ray and Emily Saliers — the Indigo Girls — on finding God in church and in smoky bars. And on music as a continuum of human existence.

With so many Christmas carols that bridge the chasm of time and space, it's a classic Spiritual that brings a "delightful burst of Christmas cheer." Listen to this rendition from Margaret Becker and Jennifer Knapp.

The wildly popular novel turned movie reimagines the New Testament, in part, as a cover-up. What really happened in the fluid early years of Christianity? What is the truth about Mary Magdalene? We separate fact from fiction in the story's plot with two New Testament scholars who say that the story is simpler and much more interesting than conspiracy theories suggest.

Sometimes it takes the Sounds of Blackness to deliver you from your thoughts.

Our managing producer takes a sharp look at our journalistic profession's cultural appropriation of stereotypes in the political season.