BY May 26, 2011

Primo LeviPhoto by Alfred Essa/Flickr/cc by-nc-sa 2.0

The Chronicle of Higher Education profiles the late Italian Jewish writer Primo Levi whose thoughts on fascism sound as relevant today (amid unrest we observe in Libya and Syria) as when he was writing in 1974:

BY November 04, 2010

Mid-August Lunch production still

“Finding happiness doesn’t necessarily follow from pursuing it. Sometimes the deepest happiness comes when you’re least expecting it.”

I love these lines by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks from our show “Pursuing Happiness.” They remind me that happiness can sometimes sprout in our lives serendipitously, without Sisyphean effort.

BY April 16, 2008

Editor’s note: Our parent organization, American Public Media (APM), is a large and diverse organization. Maria is the manager of software development for the company. She’s a fan of SOF who travels extensively and is planning an introspective journey to myriad spiritual sites around the world. We invited her to contribute to SOF Observed on occasion and reflect as she listens to Krista’s interviews and works with us on upcoming projects.