katy payne

katy payne

Thoughts from Krista's Twitter realm on resurrection ecology and the Jesuits, as well as a recap of reflections on a life well-lived.

Katy Payne is the kind of person I love to interview. For starters, she is warm and delightful, wise and instructive, about things I had never pondered before. And though eminent in her field of “acoustic biology,” she is not a famous name.

A great video from Pop!Tech featuring our guest this week, acoustic biologist Katy Payne, on capturing elephant infrasound inaudible to the human ear and linking those sounds to an elephant’s behavior.

Compelling video of elephants mourning the death of a calf, and a magnificent segment on the secret language of elephants.

Our producer explores the bond she shares with her dog, Oban.

What happens when you transition from a listener who hears Katy Payne's voice through the radio to a producer who has to contact her by phone?