Gender defines us from the moment we’re born. But how is that related to the lifelong work of being at home in ourselves? For as far back as Joy Ladin can remember, her body didn’t match her soul. We explore this question through her story of transition from male to female — in an orthodox Jewish world.

Sometimes it takes persistence to pitch a voice you know is right — and the willingness to listen to others around the dinner table.

The poet Elizabeth Alexander once asked, “What if the mightiest word is love?”

Learning to talk, acquiring language, is one of the most remarkable and ordinary things human beings do. A playful conversation with a legend in the field of psycholinguistics, who says it’s as thrilling a frontier as outer space or the deep sea.

Watch the 20-minute video in which the MIT researcher explains how he wired his house with microphones and video cameras — and how we learn language and the landscapes in which we encounter each other.