BY October 22, 2011
BY May 14, 2011

Travel to the woods of Maine and encounter Kate Braestrup's landscape from a falconer's perspective. Audio producer Samantha Broun and photographer Amanda Kowalski follow the story of a red-tailed hawk on the hunt. It's a hidden world.

BY June 29, 2010

“The story will tell you how it wants to be told.”
—Paul Grabowicz, Associate Dean of UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism

Last month I attended a multimedia boot camp at the Knight Digital Media Center. This experience opened my eyes to the universe of multimedia storytelling possibilities — from cinematic videos to creative uses of found footage.

Recently our SOF crew gathered over lunch to look at some examples of video recommended by Grabowicz, including this one from NPR:

BY February 05, 2010
BY March 21, 2008

What happens when an opportunity to trace an interesting story intersects with the rebroadcast of a popular program? Producer Colleen Scheck tells her story.