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Krista reflects on her time with Rosanne Cash and our lives of poetry and mystery, of loss and love, of time travel.

A heartwarming story about an intimate moment with her father before his appearance at Carnegie Hall in 1994. And, a bonus piece of archival audio that will bring it to life — even if it's a bootleg.

Did you know the phrase "What Would Jesus Do?" was first coined in 1893 and is rooted in the Social Gospel movement? Theologian John Caputo gives us some historical context to this intriguing back story.

David Hartman died a year ago this week. The Orthodox rabbi was a charismatic and challenging figure in Israeli society, called a “public philosopher for the Jewish people” and a “champion of adaptive Judaism.” We remember his window into the unfolding of his tradition in the modern world — Judaism as a lens on the human condition.


A behind-the-scenes snapshot just after our interview with Rosanne Cash at Orchestra Hall.