Anne Morrow Lindbergh's Gift from the Sea first met the hands of readers in 1955. Yet, even reading it in 2014, it's abundantly clear that our discomfort with solitude and our eagerness to fill the void with the dull hum of gadgets has not changed one bit. Her gentle writing is a balm for all those lost in the white noise of the modern era, and an essential guide back home:

Rilke follows the course of change through seasons and captures the loneliness of uncertainty in everyday life. Includes Joanna Macy's brilliant reading of "Onto a Vast Plain."

"We're drying them out. But I'm looking closely — a lot of these pages, it's not reparable. This is just heartbreaking to look at."

Joanna Macy is a philosopher of ecology, a Buddhist scholar, and an exquisite translator of the poetry of Rainer Maria Rilke. We take that poetry as a lens on her wisdom on spiritual life and its relevance for the political and ecological dramas of our time.

A passage from Letters to a Young Poet cited by Novogratz.