Seane Corn

Seane Corn

Yoga from the Heart with Seane CornFor Seane Corn, yoga is much more than a practice in flexibility. It’s a way of applying spiritual lessons to real-world problems and personal issues.

Yoga has infiltrated law schools and strip malls, churches and hospitals. This 5,000-year-old spiritual technology is converging with 21st-century medical science and with many religious and philosophical perspectives. Seane Corn is a renowned yoga teacher and the founder of "Off the Mat, Into the World." She takes us inside the practicalities and power of yoga — even as a source of social healing.

Our executive producer experiences rehabilitative yoga after a foot surgery.

But what about practicing yoga at home? A prescribed playlist German trains would love.

Krista finds liberation in the graceful transitioning instead of only the outcome.


Our managing producer, a "yoga cliché," finds a way of putting herself in the way of the divine.