BY Parker J. Palmer April 30, 2014

A vexing question receives a profound answer. And Parker Palmer asks: "What task is calling you — at home, at work, in the larger world — that you need to embrace even though it's impossible?"

BY Trent Gilliss December 18, 2013

A simple phrase quoted at a rural elementary school has us contemplating its meanings.

BY March 01, 2013

Sit down with these sketchnotes while listening to Krista's interview with the Jesuit priest. See what you hear differently as you peruse these visual notes. Tell us about it.

BY February 02, 2011

Students Volunteer
Students volunteer to clean up a riverfront property in Hartford, Connecticut. (photo: Laura Ouimette/Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons)

Service and volunteerism by young adults is at an all-time high in U.S. history, according to a story in yesterday’s Boston Globe.