BY February 02, 2013

Our capsule of inspiration for the week includes a new way forward for visualizing our work, fantasy, Epiphany, and the sage words of a French Buddhist monk.

BY December 07, 2011

Barnabas Collins (Dark Shadows) portraitWe ended this week’s TV-themed show “Monsters We Love” with an invitation to tell us about the series we didn’t include in the production — shows that matter to you that are telling a bigger story about who we are, what we fear, and who we aspire to be. Some of you responded with surprising, off-the radar recommendations.

Take the gothic soap opera Dark Shadows, which aired on ABC from 1966 to 1971. I’d never heard of it. Artist Patrick Lynch, who wrote to us from Paris, Kentucky, would run home after school to watch it. Patrick calls it the ancestral precursor to the modern-day vampire shows we’re seeing on TV right now:

BY December 05, 2011

"The show is a potential gateway for Americans to see the stunning diversity within a faith that is often portrayed negatively." Guest contributor Marwa Helal reviews TLC's now cancelled-docuseries.

BY October 19, 2011

What shows or characters capture your attention? Send us your ideas for scenes that capture your imagination.

BY July 16, 2009

Krista makes a promise an editor aims to keep.

BY July 15, 2009

The production staff's take on the "assignment" of watching lots of TV for the last TV show with Diane Winston.